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Rasoir J

RasoirJ has read many a book, seen a lot of movies, and written some stories that have wound up in a drawer.  He sees this blog as an effort to share a few things he’s learned about writing and storytelling, gleaned from a lifetime of doing them.

RasoirJ—the J is for Jetable—values above all the artistic illusion of authenticity. Make him believe in the truth of the little world you’ve created, and he will love your story, movie, memoir, poem, novel, documentary, TV show, tweet, or PowerPoint.

In some publishing circles Ras is also known as the new media consultant George Clack. He is a former magazine editor who once headed the Office of Publications in the U.S. Information Agency and then the State Department. He currently teaches the “Getting Started in Social Media” course at the Foreign Service Institute, the “So You Want To Blog” course at Johns Hopkins University, and courses in aging in literature at Howard Community College.